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What Is Ghost Block (ECTO)?

Ghost Block is a spooky and humorous game created on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Players can collect multiple non-fungible tokens (NFT) such as Ghosts and Tarot Cards that they can use within the game. They can be used for haunting, researching and cloning to earn in-game token rewards.

Ectoplasm (ECTO) is one of the two tokens used and earned in the Ghost Block game. Ectoplasm is used in Research Lab which is a variation of paired liquidity farming, and in the Cloning Chamber where players can clone their Ghosts.

Who Are the Founders of Ghost Block?

The team of Ghost Block have decided to remain anonymous as to not bring any attention to themselves outside of the online world. The team is represented by two founders, that go by the usernames of Toba and SnowyB.

Additionally the team has another four members working on the project. In whole the team consists of a marketing manager, three developers, a concept designer, and an artist.