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Gennix is a DeFi lending protocol that integrates TrustScore and Blacklisting capabilities onto its platform for a safe borrowing and lending environment on the Binance Smart Chain. TrustScore enables users to borrow funds while supplying a lower amount of collateral over time, while blacklisting prevents wallets that interact with high-risk platforms from interacting with the Gennix platform.

Gennix also supports staking pools, where users stake assets to maximise their return on capital by interacting with the Gennix Lending Platform and farming pools. On top of that, Gennix offers NFT yield boosters, which increase the APY obtained on farming and staking of tokens.

Gennix completed its IDO on 20/08/2021 on PancakeSwap, and is run by a team based in Sweden and Singapore. Gennix has also completed its contract audit, with no critical issues found in its smart contract repository.

The long term vision of Gennix is to become a “one-stop-shop”, where users onboarded onto the Gennix protocol will have access to the Gennix DEX and the Gennix Cross Chain Stable Swap. This allows users to freely trade assets, bridge tokens across blockchains and to borrow/lend assets in a safe virtual environment.