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GENIETOKEN Price Live Data

An unmatched rewards token ready to take over the NFT gaming scene, with 10% BNB rewards and an auto lottery function so everybody’s feeling the magic with Genie Token, all you have to do is hold! It has already paid out over $120k+ in rewards and $28k+ in lottery funds in the under 90 days. On top of those great rewards the Genie Token team are creating a 3 Phase NFT gaming platform:

1- NFT trading card game + marketplace 2- Arcade room 3- RPG NFT game

Phase 1 is a trading card game called Battle of a thousand nights it will be ready to launch Q1 2022 and has already released some concept art of characters from the Genieverse which will be part of all 3 phases of games. The main characters are the lovable elegant genie “Olah the Powerful” and the demonic genie “Djinn” the theme of good and evil is apparent here. There is also elemental clans fire, water, earth and wind it’s going be interesting how this plays out as time goes on. Could this be the next hearthstone? The NFT packs will be reasonably priced and in each pack the there will be a variety of NFTs from the common to ultra rare and if you are lucky a 1:1 of NFT. Each NFT will have instant value and can be traded straight away on our marketplace. . All the NFTs available in the packs will have some use in the games.

Phase 2 will consist of a play on classic arcade games with a genie twist in an ever-expanding game library. There will be initially 3 games at launch of the arcade room in which players can compete for exclusive NFTs

Phase 3 will be an RPG game more details around this will be released closer to the time, but the team did reveal it will be similar to an open world dungeon explorer in which the character cards you collected from the trading card game can be used in the RPG game, there will also be a marketplace where you can sell items collected from your epic quests on the NFT marketplace. Sounds cool right?

Also, a percentage of the profit made from the gaming platform will be used to create a buyback and burn to increase genies price and create an ever-growing price floor! The team has a very good community presence from daily voice chats in telegram, AMAs and have also reaching out into Twitter spaces, the dev and team have been transparent throughout the journey of Genie Token and will continue to do so which is why the foundation of Genie Token are so strong. Join the group and see for yourself.