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While electronic peer-to-peer cash systems have been a growing part of the evolving economic paradigm the past 10 years, emerging as we embrace a new age of technology, there is still much room for improvement with this new software. FTS Coin hopes to address some of these areas for improvement, including but not limited to; Privacy, POW centralization, slow transaction times, high transaction fees, confusing transaction systems, and the loss of seed phrases. By addressing these issues and offering solutions to them, and using FTS Coin to help spread mass adoption through our POB distributions, we hope to help drive cryptocurrency towards mass adoption!

Privacy Is Important

FTS Coin is a "privacy coin" because we believe every person has a personal and vested interest in privacy, even if they don't realize it. The best example of this is the blinds on the average home window; This home fixture is as much for privacy as it is to keep out the sun. If it is common place for people to expect privacy in the comfort of their home, why is this same expectation frowned upon in regard to finances? People have the right to enjoy privacy in their day to day lives as free people, and FTS Coin aims to secure this inalienable right for all.

FTS Is Decentralized

FTS Coin is a decentralized system with anyone interested and able encouraged to manage nodes or mine the network.

Mass Adoption Matters Cryptocurrency offers society the unique opportunity to reclaim our personal freedom by having ultimate control over our finances and financial privacy. Many people still don't know about cryptocurrency though or how to use it. By helping spread mass adoption we can all help bring in a new era of personal freedom on a global scale.

We provide the crypto community with - Projectfts.org is a website designed to teach businesses about, and get them excited for, cryptocurrency and it's potentials.

  • FTSMaps.com is a website designed to guide people toward businesses that accept cryptocurrency for payments.

  • FTSMothership.info is a website designed to organize groups of volunteers, incentivized by FTS Coin, that will teach businesses about, and get them excited for, cryptocurrency and it's potentials.