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Self-reported circulating supply
10,000,000,000 FOODPAY
Total supply
100,000,000,000 FOODPAY
Max. supply
100,000,000,000 FOODPAY
Self-Reported Tags
Food & BeverageRetailMarketplaceShow all

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About FoodPay

FoodPay is a bep20 token deployed on BSC, the token is used for all internal transactions in the FoodFind mobile marketplace. Each FoodPay holder receives 1% of all FoodPay token transactions.

FoodFind - It's a marketplace platform for easily finding cafes around you with features: self-checkout, delivery, table reservation, online payment or cryptocurrency. FoodPay aims to provide simple cryptocurrency payments in the restaurant business and food delivery industry all over the world. App FoodFind

So what will FoodPay be used for?

Each FoodPay Holder receives payouts in FoodPay token or card payments as dividends. 1% of all transactions in the FoodFind Marketplace platform is divided proportionally among all Holders.. FoodPay will be used as the only currency for advertising and promoting restaurants in the FoodFind app. Any currency that wants to be listed as a payment in the FoodFind app will need to hold FoodPay currency. FoodFind app will have a built-in wallet for cryptocurrency ( BTC, eth, FoodPay...) with instant transfers from FoodFind wallet to other FoodFind wallets with no fee for transfers within the FoodFind ecosystem. A user must have FoodPay coin in his/her account to make commission-free instant transfers.