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Self-reported circulating supply
100,000,000,000,000 FMAN
Total supply
100,000,000,000,000 FMAN
Max. supply
100,000,000,000,000 FMAN

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About Florida Man

Launched in November 2021, Florida Man Token is an NFT Collection & Ecosystem that allows NFT holders to collect & stake real 'Florida Man' character cards to unlock rewards that are sent to their wallets on a weekly basis. By minting a Mystery Pack, they are given a random card from that season - and staking certain cards into the site gives them a percentage of the NFT Rewards pool that is funded via 2% buy/sell tax.

There are limited 'MintDrop' cards also available for direct purchase on their site, which give you 1 share of 50% of the rewards pool weekly, paid in FMAN.

Currently, you can Mint, Stake & Transfer your NFT collection within their ecosystem, and will soon be integrating a marketplace which will allow holders to list their cards for sale, and allow other users to buy direct.

Florida Man will also be launching an interactive, graphics-intensive Play-to-Earn game on their platform, which will allow their NFT-holders to farm their NFTs and use them to unlock even more rewards, earn tokens and bypass tax fees. The Play-to-Earn gaming function is expected to be released toward the end of Phase 3 of their Roadmap, which is on their website.

Florida Man’s core team (Billy Campbell, Eray Keremoglu & Mike Bianco) were fed up with the lack of transparency and rampant scams in the current Binance Smart Chain space and sought out to develop a token & space that was 100% open, honest & transparent. They are all fully doxxed on their website, had an intensive full audit performed prior to stealth-launching, have an official KYC certificate for all members of the team on their website, and their initial LP is locked on DxSale for 12 Months.

They are constantly adding to LP in the form of BNB, and a portion of the taxes are automatically deposited into their Liquidity Pool for the health and stability of the token.

Florida Man Token is run from a registered U.S. business - WenMoon, LLC (Michigan), and they currently have 11 full-time employees on payroll including Contract Developers, NFT Developers, Front/Backend Web Developers, Graphic Artists, Production Designers, Character Artists, Influencer Managers and PR/Ad specialists.

As easy as it is to make fun of these real Florida Man characters, they realize that are more serious underlying problems behind them; problems that are affecting Florida and the United States as a whole. Florida Man Token will be donating to Mental Health & Substance Abuse charities across the State of Florida, and plan on integrating this mission into their YouTube channel.

By building a brand of trust and philanthropy, they set out to change the way that Cryptocurrency and “Memecoins” are viewed by the public and hope to set a precedent for future tokens in the space by being trendsetters of good faith, full transparency and trustworthiness in a sea of bad actors.