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Launched on 26/11/2021 by an experienced team from Europe, FloKishu has arrived.

They are combining the top two meme utility tokens into one explosive package!

FlokiShu - The next major community driven meme token!

Their aim is to overtake all the major meme tokens in 2021

The team has spent hundreds of hours to build FlokiShu! Best marketing to expand their community all over the world!

Rewards in BUSD

Rewards are paid hourly in BUSD to all holders which have the minimum number of tokens required


The official decentralized exchange built for our community. Enjoy peer-to-peer swapping of crypto-assets with fast transaction speeds & low fees!

A full swapping Dex for all holders giving piece of mind and utility to the whole community. Swap your BSC tokens directly using Flokishu DEX.