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Flokipetworld P2E A 2d powered blockchain play to earn game where your floki pets will earn you Fpet rewards! Its already in development and will be released in Q1 2022

Flokipetworld Features • Staking: Each NFT has its unique rarity and rewards. Members are encouraged to buy more, qualifying them to collect rarer and rarer NFT’s over time and ultimately even higher staking rewards. • NFT marketplace: Each NFT acquired can be traded on the marketplace to other willing buyers. Users can sell their pets individually or in a stack on the FlokipetWorld marketplace and prices are determined by seller FPET tokens and all transactions on the blockchain. • Auto-Reward reflections: profit from all buys and sells made with our auto reflection, watch your portfolio increase without your efforts. • Community Governed: A community voting platform where FPET holders can vote on upcoming developments and for the future direction.