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Pioneers of the first DeFi launchpad ecosystem, also available as a mobile app. Get ready for lift off!

Since its inception FlokiPad has been on a mission to make Defi more secure, accessible and rewarding. We’ve accomplished this by applying the concept of a circular ecosystem that aligns incentives for holders, novice investors, experienced traders, and developers.

Backed by years of blockchain experience and data driven research, our team is committed to bringing innovation to the forefront of our cutting edge technologies.

At FlokiPad we're creating a unique and collaborative dynamic launchpad dApp and utility package, available on Android and iOS. This was ultimately designed to facilitate ease, security and success for both ICO launches as well as for investors who will also benefit from optimal flexibility with our instant cross chain transactions and liquidity pools. Users will enjoy a streamlined user interface where they can convert their tokens in one simple click.