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Flappy Floki is a Free to Play game for anyone to enjoy. The team plans to bridge the gap between Crypto space and mainstream gaming by having Flappy Floki appear on all app stores and apple play store, as well as on the PC. With the concept in mind of creating a simple and fun game that everyone can learn quickly and enjoy, the team has chosen a classic side scroller. This timeless game model has been played by many generations, most recently gaining popularity under the title of Flappy Bird. Flappy Floki is similar to this popular title, with the addition that players can earn $FlaFlo coins through simple gameplay that progresses in difficulty and also in rewards. Using PC or Mobile Device, players will be immersed in a colorful world themed around probably the most lovable meme dog and of course, the moon. As you fly your way past obstacles you must collect coins to increase your score, the higher score you get, the more $FlaFlo you win. In addition to the coins earned from every round of play, players will also have the opportunity to win BUSD by competing in Daily High Score, Weekly High Score, and the prestigious All-Time High Score rankings. Initially, the team will release a beta version of Flappy Floki to the general public. This beta version will feature a single endless map to fly through, and will not have an automated P2E function until the full version is released. In version 2.0, Flappy Floki will be fully integrated into the Binance Smart Chain, and the automated P2E system will be fully functional. This is when players will start to be rewarded with $FlaFlo each round of play. Also the daily and weekly contests will be automatically tracked and updated. The full version will bring several new exciting features for our community to experience. NFT equipment, powerups, in-game purchases, as well as 10 new themed levels. Each level with its own set of unique obstacles and challenges. Token Utility: Rewards: Naturally from holding $FlaFlo, holders will be passively awarded $Shib. In-Game Purchases: $FlaFlo is the native token used in FlappyFloki to purchase common items, or to enter to win prizes. Staking Pools: Staking Pools are an asset to a crypto project in how they can help to stabilize the growth of the project. It is a priority to give investors the ability to lock their $FlaFlo into staking pools. Tokenomics: %40 Presale, %22 Liquidity, %20 Vested, %10 Private Sale, %8 Team Taxes: There is a %12 Tax on each transaction designed to provide the budget for Marketing %4, Game Development %4, $SHIB Reflections %2, Auto Liquidity. There is an anti-whale system to limit the possibility of market manipulation.