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FitEvo is an innovative project to revolutionize the Move to Earn space, by focusing on developing the first move network incorporating Multiplayer, Companionship, and Multi-workout.

The extraordinary Multi-players Mode will be the first of its kind in the world of M2E games - allowing players to exercise together with their friends and connecting fitness-loving individuals to stay motivated by multiplying their earnings. With the Squad Challenge, Team up, and Event Game mode FitEvo is here to set new standards.

Instead of focusing on accessories and objects, FitEvo strives to innovate the utilization of NFTs. With our design of companion characters, every bit of hard work will be reflected as progress impacting the evolution path of your NFT. Expert-designed evolution, breeding, rental and elemental systems support FitEvo’s sustainability and vision.

Fitness should be boundless. FitEvo breaks down all barriers by introducing the multi-workout option for every user. From running to Cycling to Swimming, FitEvo’s list of activities is full of surprises, Yoga or Boxing to earn will become a reality with FitEvo. Utilizing advanced technology like 16-point tracking, FitEvo is truly a Move To Earn. Don’t just run, stay fit your way.