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An app based on the blockchain technology that will help hospitality industry to grow. We aim to revolutionize the way to make transactions between all main actors of this industry as : the workers, the venues, the suppliers and the consumers. The app will improve the booking experience, secure the payments, simplify accounting, reward generously consumers for their loyalty, provide a token to be used in all the hospitality industry and many more.


We believe that hospitality industry needs to make a big jump in the new era and embrace what the blockchain technology can offer. We think that bringing more transparency, efficiency, safety and traceability are the keys to improve consumer experience, secure payments, simplify accounting and resolve liquidity problems for the companies. Providing a token backed by the USD as an internal currency, will facilitate payments, resolve liquidity problems and push companies to invest their FIAT money in the hospitality industry while keeping the profits to develop their business. The advantages to hold our token (FEEDCOIN) and invest in FEED SYSTEM will be one of the best investment in the blockchain/crypto business.


Hotels, Restaurants & Bars To accelerate their booking system, launch geolocated offers for the customers/consumers, pay their suppliers and employees with the token.

Team Workers to be tipped & paid through the internal token that they will use in other bars and restaurants + a lot of other advantages.

Customers Will be rewarded through an advanced loyalty program and take advantage of geolocated and tailor made offers.

Suppliers To pay/be paid instantly and activate their marketing through an innovative geolocated marketing tool.