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Fantom of the Opera Apes

Fantom of the Opera Apes The World's Most Exclusive Collection Of Ape Tokens & NFTs based on famous Opera and Musical characters.

Collect rare and unique $FANTOMAPES today and also earn passive income in $FTM

Each Ape is unique and hand drawn and generated from many possible traits

What Is Fantom of the Opera Apes?

$FANTOMAPES is an NFT token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain and will coexist on the FANTOM network. Users can simply hold $FANTOMAPES tokens and receive rewards in FTM tokens for every transaction automatically hourly.

Every transaction tax is redistributed for automatic liquidity generation, token burning and holder rewards to help generate passive income (10% in $FTM) for long-term holders and keep buying pressure higher than selling pressure.

We aim to build the largest community on Fantom/BSC through this NFT token with lots of utility for holders

Minting your Fantom of the Opera Apes will only cost you 0.4 BNB.

Are you ready for the next moonshot?


Have a look at the sneak peaks from our NFT Collection. Only 3,000 Fantom of the Opera Apes will ever be minted. The marketplace will be launched once all Fantom of the Opera Apes have been minted, which should be late November. Eventually the Apes will be redeemable for their in-game playable character in our upcoming MMO on the blockchain.