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Welcome to Fantasy Fox ($FF), one of the cutest NFT projects ever created, featuring NFTs which are cryptographically generated using a variety of characteristics such as visual style, accessories, color scheme and themes. The Fantasy Fox NFT can only be purchased with $FF on FoxSwap, or from other holders on the NFT Marketplace (e.g., secondary markets where the price is decided by the owner.) The NFT marketplace will only support $FF payment.

  • All $FF spent in the Fox NFT Shop will be burned upon the purchase of Fox Boxes.
  • There will only be 1000 Fantasy Fox NFTs in total.
  • Alongside the value of rare Fantasy Fox NFTs, holders can also benefit greatly from staking their NFTs any time they choose.

Collect Foxes, Before Others

You can get new Foxes by using $FF to purchase Fox Boxes. [One Fox Box contains one Fox NFT. You may receive a duplicate of an NFT you already possess]

Rarity: Earth-Class: Each Fox Box will contain at least one earth-class fox. Ghost-Class: Rarer than earth class. The drop rate is 20% for every Fox Box you purchase. God-Class: The rarest and most valuable class. The drop rate is 0.1% for every Fox Box you purchase.

$Earn Rates:

Our Fantasy Fox NFTs are more than just an attractive design; they can be staked to earn $FF. [Earning rates vary depending on rarity and true value.]