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Fans Squid Token is a community of fans of the movie Squid Game. Launched in 19/11/2021 by a team based in Russia, Fans Squid Token is a community of fans of the movie Squid Game and cryptography in general. The community invites people to become a part of it and take part in the development of the token, as well as join a role-playing game where each participant will play the main role. This is the main tool for the development of the token where the people are the main player. In reality, these tokens are only with the project, the project will not be able to dispose of them. Fans Squid Project has never had anything to do with the "Squid Game Token". Fans Squid Project were developing "Fans Squid" even before the "Squid Game" deceived everyone. In the roadmap can be seen on the website Fans Squid Project has 79 actors of the series. At the moment, communication has been established and 18 actors will receive 45.6 billion tokens their wallets after pre-sale. There are many more actors in the roadmap with whom the project is establishing a connection. It is possible that It may not be able to contact all the actors or some of the actors will refuse tokens. In such cases, the project will simply burn these bags.