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Self-reported circulating supply
36,000,000,000 EUPH
Total supply
36,000,000,000 EUPH
Max. supply
36,000,000,000 EUPH
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About Euphoria

The project “Euphoria” which was launched in October 2021 is a P2P blockchain-based gaming and betting platform, which provides users with card games through BSC in one wallet, events and predictions which users can make by themselves. The head office of the company is based in the UK. The platform generates income from commission, which is fixed 2% from the winnings in the decentralized services from the largest ecosystems in the blockchain network. Half of the platform fee goes to token buyback in order to create liquidity in pairs. Whoever holds EUPH token in a pair on AMM will also receive Euphoria tokens as if they were staking them on Euphoria’s platform. The advantages of Euphoria include:

• The platform serves as a peer-2-peer space for users. Games, bets and events are all P2P, they take place only between the users.

• An opportunity to create event predictions on sport and game tournaments.

• Open API extensions, which serve as a template for anyone who wants to create their app.

• Opportunity to earn not only on winnings, but staking, too: 6.25% each year during the period of 4 years will be dedicated to staking.

The app allows users to play online card games, place bets and create/host tournaments throughout the platform, as well as stake Euphoria Tokens on pools. The platform has a high level of security, gaming models can be verified by any users or auditor without restrictions. Despite that the project was launched only in October, it already has an MVP: an Android beta-version of the app, which includes the wallet, baccarat, betting, user profiles, sales – private (from 26th of October – 28th of October 2021) and public (will be in November). Further Euphoria will introduce Poker, Rating system, open APIs, NFTs, tournaments and other card games. A total of 36 billion ERC-20 tokens will be issued in a limited amount on the Ethereum network. The sale of tokens is smart contract-based and takes place in Binance and Ethereum networks. Euphoria app has a simple and user-friendly interface. The platform was created with uncovered algorithms. There is no hidden margin or fees in Euphoria and no limits on bets except the initial fixed amount of chips for the tournament.