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Elonium is a startup initiated in the Dutch construction industry. The ELNC token is a project also created by them. The CEO of Elonium, Sander Struive has spent many years in construction firsthand and has noticed many problems affecting the general safety, efficiency, and quality of construction projects, we're talking about problems like miscommunication due to language barriers or outdated learning and instructional material for projects or aspiring architects.

Sander has also noticed that the pensions which are given to retiring or retired personnel are unarguably too low, moreover affording insurance for a freelancer is out of the question due to the abrupt prices. Sander aims to take Elonium to a level where employees of firms associated with Elonium are paid pensions and get the insurance they deserve and require.

It is not an unknown fact that an idea is the birth of a project, however, funding is also necessary to make the project a reality from speculation. In most cases, there is no proper funding available to progress any striking project, which is why Elonium will also back up promising projects financially through crowdfunding.

Elonium plans to tackle these problems head-on and resolve them, starting with the introduction of a mobile application that will provide a digital construction platform hosting up-to-date videos and instructional materials for projects and architect schools. Construction is an industry where you don't stop learning until you retire, which is why they will keep updating their instructional content routinely to cover as many techniques and types of projects as possible. It will also host a social platform where people involved in the industry may share their projects or browse others'.

The application aims to be so intuitive and intelligible that one would not require any prior construction experience. One would only need to thoroughly review our application's instructional material before starting to work on the associated project.

The EloniumCoin Token will aid in funding the main project Elonium as it aims to resolves problems throughout the construction, renovation, and carpentry industry starting from the Netherlands and aiming to expand its ventures worldwide. EloniumCoin will also be the currency required for acquiring any of the services and resources Elonium will provide, to exemplify, Elonium wants to build a platform where you may purchase construction materials, hire a worker for your project, or trade a blueprint for EloniumCoin. The application will contain three types of subscriptions: Basic, Premium, and Elite. Purchasing subscriptions will gradually unlock access to more content and multi-language support. The Elite subscription offers total access to all the content provided by Elonium in the desired language.

To conclude, Elonium is a startup launching in the Dutch construction industry aiming to improve the quality, efficiency, and general safety of construction projects worldwide.