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34,000,000 DUX
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1,000,000,000 DUX
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1,000,000,000 DUX
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Jan 26, 2023 (4 months ago)
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Mar 17, 2023 (3 months ago)
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About DUX

Dux began in June 2020, focusing on using blockchain infrastructure for better services and products and to give safety on new entrances onboarding

The direction of the dux ecosystem always has as its purpose: socioeconomic transformation through the generation of income distributed in a context of users inclusion and empowerment; Facilitation of the transition from web 2.0 economy to web 3.0; Materialization of attractive, secure and profitable business opportunities for all our stakeholders.

With planning focused on the generation and creation of a deep socioeconomic transformation in Latam through the technological empowerment of our userbase and the innovations coming from the Web 3.0 economy. Walking to a DAO -shaped web 3.0 ecosystem that directly participates in boarding more than 100 million people safely in the Web 3.0 ecosystem in the next 10 years.

The DUX is a fungivel ERC-20 token with the function of economic base of all DUX ecosystem developing different for complementary utilities among them: Governance The DUX token has as a focus the community and the valorization of the ecosystem, as a consequence of its health, uses and distribution have a direct consequence on the viability of the DUX ecosystem. Therefore, its stakeholders, above all, the communities at work in an indirect way in the governance of the project to accompany and participate in the token economy.

With the consolidation of the governance model in DAO, the token gains a central role in the active governance of the DAO, giving voting power and participation in decision-making and governance of the platform with active collaboration in the construction and validation of features and enabling the evolution of the platform DOGE for form of SuperDApp.

Reward Reward systems for active communities are essential for the distribution of income and promotion of personal development between members of the community, acting according to the purpose, mission and vision of DUX. In addition to the distribution of income, or recognition, these rewards also have an important role, valuing social or financial participation in the project.

This characteristic is essential for the generation of a flow of tokens towards the communities and speculators that use the ecosystem, creating a path for the release of the token and the start of the economic looping of the ecosystem. If this mechanism works unilaterally, it may result in the devaluation of the project.

Access System of access to products and services through payment, holding or burning the token is essential for the generation of revenue for the ecosystem fund, allowing expansion, complexity and maturation of the same. This system also enables the profitability of projects and partner companies of the ecosystem that come to use the DUX platform as infrastructure for their services and products.

This feature complements the rewards by creating a flow of tokens back to DUX by finishing one of the looping rotations and making resources available for new rotations by creating a return path for the token. If this function is not accompanied by a reward or token, it may suffer an initial appreciation due to a supply shock where the low circulation of the token can generate an inappropriate appreciation and a high barrier to entry, causing a consequent result that is often more intense than the appreciation .

DeFi The applications of Decentralized Finance have a fundamental role for the liquidity of tokens of projects with great appeal for communities by minimizing the need for centralized entities and reducing the space for manipulation of speculators. Another important aspect is the use of DeFi protocols in the construction of governance and reward mechanisms.

In order to encourage and favor the decentralization of the DUX ecosystem, the token will have features focused on decentralized finance, strengthening the token loops through liquidity and income generation mechanisms that are purposely aligned with the DUX mission and vision.


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