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What Is DreamN ($DreamN)?

DreamN is a ‘sleep to earn’ project rewarding holders in BnB for every good night of sleep .

DreamN will have its own application on Google Play and Apple Appstore that token holders will be able to use to register their sleeping sessions. In addition to keeping records of your sleep, the app will provide a host of other useful metrics that people can use to monitor their sleeping patterns and adjust for a better night's sleep.

The project will also incorporate Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements into its ecosystem to drive user engagement and make participation fun. Some of the planned features include Challenges and Seasons, where people at the top of the leader boards will be able to earn additional rewards for proving their dominance.

How Many DreamN Coins Are There in Circulation?

DreamN launches with an initial supply of 20m tokens, 40% of which are reserved to feed the rewards mechanism. Another 10% of the tokens are reserved for staking rewards. Five million tokens have been allocated to presale, while 1 million tokens are reserved for seed funders. There is no vesting for presale buyers or seed funders. Team tokens are set at just 1% of the total supply and vested for 1 year.

The token will implement a 5% tax on buys and 15% tax on sells to make the project sustainable. Bulk of the taxes goes to feed the rewards pool and the marketing wallet, while a small chunk is reserved for project development and operations.

Where Can I Buy DreamN ($DreamN)?

DreamN is available for trading on PancakeSwap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurrency=BNB&outputCurrency=0x7fCa026d67FEec1C7Cf88ab866D2678dFB2B5243

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