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Self-reported circulating supply
49,997,359 DAF
Total supply
50,000,000 DAF
Max. supply
50,000,000 DAF

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About Diamond Are Forever

Diamonds are Forever features a unique rewards system promoting sustainability. A portion of the rewards pool will be re-routed to a second pool, to then be added back into the reward pool ensuring maximum DAF Token reflections for long term holders, along with eliminating the problem of people selling and taking their portion of the rewards pool with them.

This unique set of tokenomics means every person who sells all of their tokens leaves a percentage of their rewards to be redistributed between all holders

Launching in November 2021, Diamonds are Forever is on a mission to be the first rewards coin of its type, with a sustainable reward system promoting holders and punishing swing traders. Diamonds are Forever is a fully decentralized currency on a mission to spread NFT awareness to the average crypto investor.

Diamonds are Forever pays out its holders in % of all NFT sales., every transaction incorporates a 10% fee of which Diamonds are Forever Token is then automatically purchased and placed in a pool to be re-distributed amongst holders. Simply put, if you were to own 1% of the Diamonds are Forever supply, you would subsequently hold 1% of the rewards pool

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