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Self-reported circulating supply
66,056,020 DFP2
Total supply
54,501,157 DFP2
Max. supply
67,941,915 DFP2
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About DefiPlaza

What Is DefiPlaza (DFP2)?

DefiPlaza is a decentralized exchange on Ethereum.

Like other exchanges, DefiPlaza offers trades between tokens by functioning as an Automated Market Maker (AMM).

What makes DefiPlaza special are single-contract, highly optimized DEXs, designed to offer the lowest possible trade cost to the end user. Gas costs per trade are the lowest in the industry, and thanks to the multi-token set up very capital efficient, while Impermanent Loss is minimized.

We currently have two multi-token pools, focussed on blue chip tokens and stable tokens. For each trade we automatically select the pool that would result in the lowest trade fee.

How Many DFP2 Tokens Are In Circulation?

What is the roadmap for DefiPlaza?

Where Can I Buy DFP2?

The DefiPlaza pool

The StablePlaza pool

DFP2 is the governance token that is used for:

October 2021: DefiPlaza launched

November 2021: 1inch integrated with DefiPlaza

February 2022: Website redesign

April 2022: Implemented WalletConnect

July 2022: StablePlaza launched

Q3 2022: MoonPlaza launch

Q1 2023: DefiPlaza Radix launch