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About Death Token

What Is Death? Death is a token that was created on the Fantom Opera Network (FTM). Death was created in June of 2020 by two developers that were developers that wanted to work with a network that had great support from the network founders as well as low transaction fees. The Fantom Opera Network was the best place for death considering that Death would be able to grow along with FTM.

What makes Death Unique? Death is unique in the fact that the two developers of Death decided at the launch to not have developer wallets or marketing wallets. Instead the Death developers and community are the ones that help to fund the growth of the project rather then depending on having to sell of coins to get funds. This is a big factor in the growth of a cryptocurrency because this means that people that trade Death never have to worry about interference from the developers.

Death is working on multiple projects that are in different phases of development that will help to expand the Death exposure and build the community.

Where can I Buy Death? You can buy Death on the following exchanges that Death is Whitelisted on - Spookyswap, and SpiritSwap.

Are there any wallets that support Death? You can use META Mask Or Wallet98