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DDY Price Live Data

Second token of the Baby Yorkie ecosystem.

Daddy Yorkie is a token specially designed to feed and strengthen his little one: Baby Yorkie. Holding Daddy Yorkie you will get great benefits in Baby Yorkie (10% retribution in Baby Yorkie to all Daddy Yorkie holders and also, you can also Staking to get BBY).

Daddy Yorkie IS NOT A MEMETOKEN but is part and is a fundamental piece of the BABY YORKIE ECOSYSTEM, since he is in charge of feeding your baby and rewarding you for holding him, as well as having new functions in the near future.

We are working on creating an ecosystem that will revolve around the coin to give it real utility and make its price rise, and the price of the ecosystem to give the project a real future perspective. Daddy Yorkie does not end in the development of the Staking and Farming platform, not even when it is listed in CMC or in an Exchange ... that will truly be the beginning of the Baby Yorkie Ecosystem journey.