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Crossy Animals is a DEFI Metaverse game built for the Binace Smart Chain. What seemingly looks like an upgraded Frogger game is so so much more.

With the Crossy Animals game, you have to dodge traffic, leap across logs, evade trains and collect coins. Keep moving or you’ll get squished in this fast paced game.

This isn’t your typical arcade style game. This is taking a classic hit and building a whole metaverse around it.

Mint characters and Play to Earn
MBuild Land for others to play on
MBuild obstacle courses and rent them out for tokens

Crossy Animals Features Earn $CA -By Beating Them -Compete against other players Earn $CA by being best of the best -Become a citizen of Crossyville Build your own tracks and allow others to play Buy and Sell Characters on marketplace -Community Votes

Step 0: Play for Free to Test

You don’t need to do anything to enjoy this token and game. Test the game out for free. Buy CA tokens and watch the community generate value for you.

Step 1: Play to Earn

Mint your characters and Race to Earn:To play Crossy Animals P2E with unique characters, you’ll need to mint your characters, which is attainable through the NFT Marketplace. All this requires a small payment in Crossy Animals $CA tokens you can buy from pancakeswap (links and opens pancake) or most platforms or EARN by competing in tournaments. Play 2 Earn features coming in early Q1 2022.

Step 2: Play to Earn in Tournaments

Once you’ve minted your characters, you can select different maps that are available. Maps have different difficulties and obstacles. The more difficult a level is, the more you can earn. Play in group tournaments to see whose character can cross the fastest and earn even more tokens.

Step 3: Rent tracks from others or build tracks

You can rent tracks developed by other people for $CA tokens or develop land and build your own track to lease to others. The better the track and the more people that use it, the more you can make in earnings. Coming soon in Q1.