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Self-reported circulating supply
14,880,000 CP
Total supply
250,000 CP
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 CP
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About CoPuppy

CoPuppy is a new and safe, opportunity-and fun-filled dapp process deployed in Binance smart chain, friendly and open to developers, which makes it possible to be compatible with mainstream and innovative DeFi products. Copupy supports multiple types of original DEFI applications, it can help developers and users experience a new NFT experience. In CoPuppy, NFT is not only a collection, but also a decentralized and non-fungible application of games, loan protocol, cross-chain protocol and DEX. CP(CoPuppy Token) is the token for Copupy platform. Burning CP can obtain the NFTs with exclusive copyright and participate in the ecological construction of the platform. CP is the only block chain platform that uses NFTs to replace the equity of token governance. Users holding CP can experience DEFI’s innovative finance, games, movies, music, video games, streaming media and a series of “Build By Puppy” to form a unique NFTs in the open network of Binance Smart Chain, and complete ecological governance. CoPuppy Innovatively introduced collection, game and financial concepts, NFT collections are of inestimable value, games introduced a deflation model, and improved the scalability of NFT through financial lending.