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The Conqueror is a GameFi project based on the Binan Intelligent Chain Network (BSC). An NFT game that simulates business operation, expansion, and battle; a perfect blend of blockchain mechanics and online gameplay.Players of this game can obtain CONQ coins by purchasing BNB. On Planet X in the Metaverse, you can obtain a relic through CONQ coins. Then, you will become the master of the relic. On Planet X, the level of production at this time is still in the Stone Age . Guide farmers to a reasonable division of labor, so that you can obtain continuous agricultural output incomes, and accumulate sufficient resources for your heritage base to upgrade civilization. As the level of the relics civilization increases, you will unlock more advanced production tools and hunting tools to increase the incomes of agricultural production. Moreover, as the level of civilization rises, you can also train farmers to become militias, and migrant workers can go to the rest of the dark to plunder and bring back rich materials. This is also the well-being of high-level civilizations. Therefore, you need to lead all the followers of your colony to overcome all difficulties and gradually move towards the technological age. The game is played in three stages of civilization, the first being “the Stone Age", the second being “the Metallurgical Age", and the third being “the Cold Weapon Era". In the third civilization level, all players will be deployed to a limited number of planets. You will occupy and plunder resources on the new planet to obtain a steady stream of production resources. In this advanced stage of civilization, you can unlock weapons of cold weapons, and train farmers to become infantrymen, archers, and cavalries to compete for more resources.