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Self-reported circulating supply
231,489,000 COIN
Total supply
231,489,000 COIN
Max. supply
231,489,000 COIN

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About COIN

What is the project about? $COIN is bringing the best, most financially sound, safe and secure $COIN to Base chain.

What makes your project unique? $COIN is the only ticker that trades on NASDAQ and Base Chain and has a large following in Traditional Finance. $COIN has solid name recognition that other crypto projects do not have

History of your project. $COIN was launched on BASE on Aug 4 2023 by Brian baldstrong (@BBaldstrong) and Baldaji (@baldajis) to bring the best ticker to DeFi on Base chain.

What’s next for your project? $COIN will issue liquidity incentives and dividends quarterly.

What can your token be used for? To speculate on $COIN on base chain to capture returns heretofore unseen in DeFi