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Chronic Token is a payment solution designed by and for the cannabis community. Over the past year, we've utilized our experience, as well as market research, to begin development on Chronic Token (complete), our own blockchain (in progress), and an all-in-one POS system (in progress). Our upcoming POS system is designed to consolidate all of the needs within the industry into one centralized location. This system will encompass automated Identification verification, inventory management, and digital payments. With this unified solution, having to cross-reference multiple programs is a thing of the past. When utilizing blockchain technology, developing custom solutions to adhere to the business’s needs is a breeze. This is accomplished by utilizing programming languages such as JavaScript, Go, and Kotlin to build on our blockchain, closing the gap between blockchain and traditional programming. We believe a more developer-friendly ecosystem will grow the blockchain space as a whole and allow for consistent innovation going forward. Blockchain is the future, and use cases such as the cannabis industry, given the technical hurdles that are required to navigate in today’s world, are in desperate need of more efficient solutions. We want to give back to the cannabis community and we believe blockchain is the key to making the industry as a whole a more streamlined one.