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What Is Chiwawa (CHIWA)?

Chiwawa describes itself as a fair launched, blockchain-based real time play-to-earn NFT game, where Chiwaians join in multiplayer battlefields with friends and other players, being able to earn money with just their skills! Participate and compete in tournaments using any character among the multiple unique NFTs, and earn money depending on your position on the match's leaderboard. Build your own NFT field, and earn profits by just renting it to other players.

CHIWA is the native all-in-one token

This has two major advantages: - It gives a crucial role to CHIWA since it is the only currency accepted to play the game, providing a wide range of usability cases for the token, which eventually brings value to the currency. - It helps all of our community members by simplifying the interface and learning process of the game ecosystem, because players don’t need to hold different types of tokens as in some popular games, such as Axie Infinity.

In-game NFT characters

The game is playable by owning one NFT character, which gives an implicit scarcity to the NFTs, making the value of each NFT grow each time a new user joins the virtual world. The NFTs can be rented to other players inside the game for them to play with it to generate money, and a percentage of that revenue goes to the real owner of the digital asset.

In-game NFT fields

You can build and create your own game field from scratch, for which players pay a fee to play in. All the game fields are Real Estate NTFs that can be traded for tokens.

Locked Liquidity Pool:

100% of the initial liquidity has been locked, 50% for 6 months and 50% for 12 months. This gives enormous credibility to our project, and ensures safety to our holders. Liquidity Pool tokens lock can be checked here

How Many Chiwawa (CHIWA) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Chiwawa (CHIWA) tokens have a total supply of 200 billion tokens. Out of this, 50 billion tokens were fair launched in December 27th of 2021. Another 50 billion tokens were owned by the team, and the other 100 billion tokens were vested into smart contracts.

In total, 25% of the total supply was allocated to participants in the fair launch and 25% was owned by the team. In addition to this, 15% is allocated for ecosystem rewards, and 35% for the ecosystem fund, future developments & expenses. From the 50% that is locked, 5% is vested for 2 months, 20% for 12 months, and 25% for 24 months. Tokens lock can be checked here