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About Chip

Chip is utility token for "SocialTipping" or payment.

CrowdFarming ( on ChipSwap ( is crowd funding for influencers by crypto currency makes Chip be burned 50% of each project. Chip for social tipping or pay mart and governance token of Chip DAO.

With the grow of SNS, the concept of a country has disappeared on the Internet, and it has become possible to establish a unique eco system.

But do influencers really get a fair income for their own influence and contents ? Activities with social significance that are not applicable to existing business models of product development and business construction such as Entertainment, Education, Environmental issues, are limited in the existing centralized financial system to raise funding and support activities even if the business has potential.

In order to make a better world, we need an eco-system in which value is exchanged not on the axis of business but on the axis of people.

Chip Eco System is a new possibility in the Web 3.0 era that gives oppurtunities to people all over the world using DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM by blockchain.

Chip(Token) – Utility based on BEP20 and ERC20 that has a roll of governance token for Chip DAO.

ChipSwap – Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain

Tip – Apps and web service for social tipping by crypto currency.

141Live – Paid live stream apps using NFT ticket.

NFT Marketplace (not named) – Marketplace and auction system for influencers.