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Self-reported circulating supply
50,000,000 CHC
Total supply
50,000,000 CHC
Max. supply
50,000,000 CHC

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About Cherish

What Is Cherish ($CHC)?

Cherish is a decentralized platform designed to connect content creators with their audience. The key values of Cherish are no censorship, no algorithmic preferenfes, equal and fair treatment for all creators and decentralized data.

Built on Cherry Network's Cherry Chain, Cherish is a fully decentralised application. The access hierarchy is based on the Cherry Storage system common to all Cherry Networks nodes, infusing IPFS with new features. These features include deleting data and making changes after data has been recorded to the chain.

Cherish's native token is Cherish Credit ($CHC).

$CHC can be used for a range of activities that inlude but are not limited to Tipping, Subscribing, Commissions, E-commerce and, NFT minting and trading.

Cherish will also be a DAO making sure creators voices are being represented in platform governance.