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2,300,000,000 CHB
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8,000,000,000 CHB
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The Charactbit project is a project for subculture that says its goal is to promote cultural activities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In particular, virtual characters were cited as an important element of future metaverse. it hope that the Charactbit(CHB) Token will be used as a tool for subculture enthusiasts to become more active in the ecosystem. Charactbit was founded in 2021 and is named as a compound word for character+bit. In the Charactbit ecosystem, virtual characters are called Forms, and there are individual tokens representing the creator's value of Forms Token. Against this background, we will provide a donation platform. With the issuance of Forms Token, additional rewards are given to both sponsors and content providers to increase ecosystem activity and scalability. This is a unique mining system of Forms Token that interacts with the Charactbit Token. The Charactbit project aims at metaverss and Animations, and is set in a huge worldview of Fandea.

Livetoon : was created with the intention to grow into a comprehensive donation platform for the character culture industry. It is here where we plan for Charactbit to be used effectively for the first time.

The loud TTS voice while watching personal broadcasts is a common feature of Korean streaming events. This directly attracts the viewer and allows them to participate in a more personal interaction. This however, isn’t always present in similar broadcasts in other parts of the world. In Korea, audience participation through sponsorship is high and as a result, Korea's excellent sponsorship culture makes live broadcasts a much more enjoyable and rich experience. The feeling of a personal message being delivered to a favorite broadcast is very special. It is a virtuous cycle where sponsors can feel the joy of their donation being publicly recognized resulting in broadcasters creating more enjoyable content. In the blockchain ecosystem, we need a healthy dynamic relationship between investor and broadcaster, where the currency is being used as a two-way pleasant and enjoyable exchange, rather than for the purpose of blind investment.

Forms Token : A Form Token is a social token, similar to the social tokens that are used in the Rally project. we are going to produce and operate the tokens in a manner that is unique and individualized to each Forms character. Every Form token will have a unique way of mining and staking systems. These two systems allow the form tokens to be linked to the Forms overall financial value.

Mining : Forms tokens are mined through sponsorship for positive user-forms interaction. It can be a creative challenge in a way that has never been done before. Through LIVETOON, it can be sponsored with USDC and CHB tokens, and if Form's tokens are distributed through a 50/50 split between sponsor and Forms, I am sure it will lead to a positive effect where everyone can coexist and create additional value. Although the qualification for issuing Form Tokens should be reviewed through sufficient verification, it is a big structural risk for Form Tokens to be shared by a 50% split to content creators who do not have token economic expertise. Therefore, we are planning to use half of the share for incineration by dividing Form's stake in Form's Token in half. Structural risks can be mitigated by incinerating the same volume when there is a sales activity. In addition, we are planning to clearly organize and sell the quantity after disclosure when there are activities such as sales and use without delegating token ownership to Forms.

Staking : The early idea of Forms Token was in the form of sculpture investment. It was designed to invest in the growth of favorite content creators and so structurally, the growth of the individual Form has a real impact on the form token. Forms’ income, which focuses on live streaming, is divided into two main income sources, activity income, and sponsorship income. Activity income’s main financial sources come through advertising. We have devised a format for distributing a portion of the activity income as staking interest income. The activity income is directly written and submitted quarterly by Forms, and if there is embezzlement, the community can raise an objection. If it is judged to be a reasonable objection, there is a punishment that any Forms tokens held according to community agreement are incinerated. Staking will be applied selectively according to the Forms token.

Today, more and more broadcasters are being sponsored by cryptocurrency. However, the form of personal broadcasting and sponsorship platforms for individuals is too primitive. Most cryptocurrency-related private broadcasters are also being sponsored in the form of leaving their wallet addresses. Using the Solara network with convenient, fast, and low fees makes it easier for many people to get sponsorship. Broadcasters also need an environment where they can express their gratitude by being notified live about who the sponsor is and how much they sponsored. The influence of individual broadcasters is unexpectedly huge. Modern trends come from live broadcasts. The Charactbit project will bring a lot of fun to the Solara ecosystem and serve as a platform to attract more users.