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Self-reported circulating supply
80,000,000 CHA
Total supply
4,300,000,000 CHA
Max. supply
4,300,000,000 CHA
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About Chains

What Is Chains (CHA)?

Chains is building a stack of interconnected cryptocurrency-enabled solutions, designed to make cryptocurrency more accessible to users who are neither investors nor technologists. Chains' long-term goal is to provide businesses and individuals with a single-account experience that spans the full spectrum of cryptocurrency and NFT-enabled products.

Chains strives to eliminate barriers and allow customers to experience user friendly cryptocurrency and NFT-enabled products, focusing on security, transparency, and scalability. Chains offers easy access to a stack of financial tools meant for a new generation of users by harnessing the power of new technology rather than requiring users to learn it.

You can find additional information about our services, partners, products roadmap, advisory board, and more on

What Is CHA?

CHA is the native cryptocurrency token issued by and is at the core of many Chains services; it provides users with:

● Stake-based Launchpad participation ● Stake-based trading fee discount ● Fee discounts when used as a method of payment ● Stake-based Airdrop participation ● Tiered staking-based referral bonuses ● Payment subsidies, when utilized as a medium of exchange ● CHA will allow users to buy tokens at discounted prices via the Launchpad

CHA Token Economics: there is a maximum supply of 6 billion CHA tokens. 52.5% are reserved for treasury, 30% for public sale, 10% for the team, and 7.5% for private sale. The presale and public sale will take place exclusively on During both sales, we will offer 1.8 B tokens in the lowest price range of $0.0104 - $0.0993.

More information about the token’s utility, vesting schedule, roadmap, and more:

Who Are the Founder and Team Behind the Chains Platform?

Anderson Mccutcheon is the Founder and CEO of He is an investor and entrepreneur with an interdisciplinary technological and marketing background and a long history in the crypto space. A blockchain industry pioneer and an 8200 unit alumnus, he has founded Unicoin, Synereo (later HyperSpace).

Assaf Patir, the Chains Chief Economist, holds two PhDs, one in Economics from Northwestern University and another in Physics from the Weitzmann Institute of Science. Assaf’s specialty field is Macroeconomics, and he currently holds the position of Chief Economist at the Start-Up Nation Policy Institute.

Jeremy HM Chou is the Director of APAC at An entrepreneur and strategic business advisor across diverse Web2 & Web3 industries. Builder of Tiger VC DAO and former: Co-founder of Zero Degree NE Tech, Advisor of Synereo/HyperSpace, Tutor of Peking University Entrepreneurship Camp, and Founder of PR Chain/Evoguelution.

Yosi Megrel, Chains CPO. Former CEO of TrustBlock, B.A. In Economics and Management. Fintech expert and innovator in the blockchain technology space.

Daria Kuznetsova, Chains CMO. Expert in Online Gambling and Speculative Finance markets. 10 years of experience working in market leading companies. Global MBA, IDC Herzliya.

Sarne Lightman, Executive Chairman at Chains. President, Former MD, BetBright Director of Marketing, Stars Group.

Richard Wang, Chains Senior Advisor, Investor and Partner, Draper Dragon Fund.

Joeri Pross, Chains Advisor. Founder and CEO of Hypercube.