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Centurion Inu ($CENT) was released in September 2021 with an objective in mind: offering education through NFTs and blockchain technology.

Future utilities that we are building include:

Codex Romanum: The Codex will be our educational database, centered on Roman History and Latin. Partnership with historians and content creators will be made in order to get quality original. Every $CENT holder will get access to this database and with it, the chance to increase their knowledge on Rome, its culture, and language.

Beneficientia: A percentage from Merchandise, NFTs profits, and funds from a dedicated donation section will be used to help museums around the world and also to help building schools where there are none. With this last part we will ensure that while we profit and learn thanks to $CENT, our community can still do some good in the outside world, by spreading opportunities to education and culture and preserving our world heritage.