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Catboy is a reflection-based token but we are unlike any other similar project you have come across.

Founded and built by a community that loves comics, manga, anime and pets, CatBoy is not just a parallel version of CatGirl but our ambition is much more. This token is a symbol of the spirit, cohesion and sharing of the meme, manga and cat loving communities around the world.

CatBoy is a more complete, more powerful version and will be the mainstay of CatGirl, just like their love.

Besides building a strong community, we care about the real values that the project brings. We are building the Catboy Merchandise, the Catboy NFT Marketplace and building a worldwide network to donate to feral cats and support struggling cat owners.

With a further vision in 2021, a play-to-earn game is also being planned with an online pet model, connecting the community and sharing fun experiences.