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The terrifying Halloween token which pays big rewards in CAKE. Hold BOOCAKES for the dividends and also participate in our exclusive Halloween Lottery . Treat?

Receive one lottery ticket for every 500,000 tokens you buy. Selling tokens will make you loose all your tickets. But don't panic, just buying one token will grant you back the tickets corresponding to your current balance. One lucky winner will be chosen on Halloween day! (Nov 1st 13.00 UTC). The winner will be announced in the dashboard and will be able to claim the prize from there. 10% of the funds raised in the presale will be added to the lottery pot. (Prize pool will start with at least 12,5 BNB - 25 BNB). After Halloween a new raffle will start. Stay tuned!

Tickets - Buy & Sell BooCake Tokens Terms In case you sell some qty of token, the system reset your ticket balance to 0.


The BooCake contract calculates your tickets according to the tokens you are holding on after last purchase. You only need to buy some more.

5% PRIZE POOL wallet 5% of every transaction is allocated to the PRIZE POOL in Cake and it will be rewarded to one lucky winner on Halloween (Nov 1st 13.00UTC)

10% Cake Rewards 10% Dividends in CAKE for holders (minimum 200,000 BOOCAKE required)

5% marketing wallet 5% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in BNB (swapped to BNB in real time to avoid dumps)

Fees The BooCake smart contract applies 20% fee on BUY transactions and 22% on SELL transactions. Extra 2% fee is applied to all sells. This will allow us reduce swing-trading and break whale’s control