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Launched in 6 July 2021, BNBPay is a decentralised scalable crypto payment gateway tailored for merchant transactions. Behind the BNBPay project are a group of payment specialists and pioneers with decades of combined experience in the payment and retail POS & commerce industries. BNBPay incorporates the ERC-1363 protocol to enable users to pay expenses using $BPAY tokens and crypto tokens. On top of that, users are rewarded with $BPAY tokens as they spend their crypto tokens.


Trustless, immutable, and efficient are our core principles to build the payment industry's decentralised digital economy. Our mission is to sculpt the future of cryptocurrency payments and to change the way we conduct cryptocurrency payments. BNBPay strives to become the most widely used crypto payment for commerce. (Both eCommerce and brick and mortar shops). Transaction confirmation in each payment will be ready in less than 5 seconds which makes it well-suitable for any in-store purchase.

Proposed Solutions

• BNBPay offers a full scale solution for crypto payment, from the customer’s Wallet to the merchant instantaneously. Why wait for confirmations or deal with the headache of failed transactions? • BNBPay POS payment terminal will give merchants the option to receive any crypto, stable coin or fiat seamlessly so they can avoid any volatility risk. • BNBPay ecommerce allows for easy integration with online retailers and subscription based services. • BNBPay reward system allows customers to pay using $BPAY, as well as earn via staking through our BNBPay wallet. • $BPAY is just the beginning, the entire BSC ecosystem is the future.

BNBPay Ecosystems

The BNBPay ecosystem is made up of 4 essential components: • BNBPay Wallet for Android and IOS • BNBPay eCommerce payment plugins for popular eCommerce platforms • BNBPay POS (Point of Sales) payment terminal • BNBPay reward system that will allow users to stake and earn $BPAY