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MCL is an algorithmic money market system designed to provide secure and unique lending and borrowing opportunities on Binance Smart Chain. Depositors earn interest by providing liquidity to lending pools, while borrowers may obtain loans from these same pools. The protocol designs are architected and forked based on Aave, with additional revenue sharing components for lenders and stakers.

Initially, MCL supports a range of Chainlink oracles, including Price Feeds for BNB-USD, BUSD-BNB, BTC-BNB, USDC-BNB, USDT-BNB, DAI-BNB, and ETH-BNB.

bMXX, a BEP-20 token, is the governance token of Multi-Chain Lend (MCL). The minting and burning of bMXX tokens are secured by team and community 4/7 Multi-Sig.

Users are able to stake their bMXX in the governance pool to achieve the following:

Voting Rights: Govern Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) protocol and reserves. Revenue Share: Earn 20% of protocol revenues Staking Incentives: 400 bMXX daily to be shared by stakers