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Our vision is to create the biggest freelancing marketplace, which handles all workflow, marketing, sales, hiring, managing, and paying temp/contract staff.

Blocktyme is a multifunctional platform, not only will you be able to get jobs and hire employees, but the platform will allow companies and employers to carry out different administrative and marketing tasks, all from a single platform.

Blocktyme offers different administrative solutions from a single platform; In addition, it is possible to link other programs, in this way, there are many possibilities without the obligation of only using the platform.

It is achieved with the use of blockchain technology, reducing an enormous amount of costs in development and maintenance for the platform, this is beneficial for users since they will have fewer expenses for subscriptions and other different benefits will be achieved.

Blocktyme manages to generate a solution to each problem, the current and future solutions that we could offer are many, our current solutions mentioned below.

*From the moment you get someone’s application, you’re able to manage every aspect of their HR lifecycle. Onboarding to invoicing payroll - one amazing platform.

*Keep a full bench of contractors in electronic files, including all required paperwork, background & reference checks, and payroll information.

*From invoicing customers to paying contractors, your entire payment system is managed through BlockTyme.

*Instant messaging, call automation, bulk notifications, and collaboration platforms, all contained in a single space - BlockTyme.

*BLockTyme plays perfectly with all your existing programs and apps, including Quickbooks, Salesforce, and more.

*Our team is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and guide you through all of the features that BLockTyme provides.

*Automated payroll

The platform will be for two types of users, these are:

*Client means any authorized User utilizing the site to seek and/or obtain Freelancer Services from another User.

*Freelancer means any authorized User utilizing the Site to advertise and/or provide Freelancer Services to Clients, including Freelancer Accounts that are Agency Accounts or, if applicable, Agency Members. A Freelancer is a customer of Blocktyme with respect to the use of the Site and Site Services.