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BLOCK-MINE is determined to provide sustainable liquidity mining, one which serves the purpose it was designed for — TO PROVIDE LIQUIDITY (… and to EARN LIQUIDITY SUSTAINABLY) …

Money NOT just generated out of thin air. NO high incentive of the BIG BAGS to cart users’ money. HIGH incentive to KEEP the money in the LIQUIDITY POOLS.

Block-Mine solves the major problems of liquidity mining/yield farms by… ✍️ … smart decaying and varying, non-fixed coin minting. ✍️ … automatic smart buyback and burn algorithms to ensure stable growth. ✍️ … limited utility tokens linked to the native platform token, thus, serving as a deflationary mechanism. ✍️ … locked LPs in mines to prevent the “1-day-jump-in-jump-outs” of BIG BAGS. ✍️ … having awesome utilities of tokens due to the gaming features and DEX. ✍️ … revolutionary DEX with restricted chain routing (RCR protocol).