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1,000,000,000,000 BLOCKIFY
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1,000,000,000,000 BLOCKIFY

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Contrary to common belief, blockchain gaming has little to do with play to earn. It certainly makes it easy to get paid by playing, but at the core blockchain is always - always - about decentralization. As long as you are interacting with a single party, them using blockchain or NFTs is completely superfluous. That may be why blockchain in gaming didn't catch on yet.

We are about to change all of that. Our development focuses around decentralizing the gaming industry by moving games from different studios onto the same trustless backend, facilitating NFT and even character exchanges within the same genre. Doing so gives control back to gamers, while at the same time helping Indie developers by creating a strong interconnected fabric of achievement, item & character transfer, with familiar mechanics all wrapped in an SDK that solves the hard problems in game development for them.

This will have a profound impact on how games are developed. The focus is going to shift towards story-telling and content creation, while keeping mechanics within the genre mostly uniform and familiar. New powerful items found will add to your character, which is now a truly unique composition of all the games you played in the past. We call this Universal Avatar, which will integrate into the emerging Universal Profile for your identity.