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Self-reported circulating supply
212,421,316 BLITZ
Total supply
270,000,000 BLITZ
Max. supply
270,000,000 BLITZ
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About Blitz Labs

Blitz Labs is a WEB3 collective dedicated to developing tools, services, and products that make basic crypto activities such as, but not limited to, participating in presales, exchanging tokens, bridging, as simple as possible and without unnecessary complexity. Blitz Labs' ultimate goal is to create a one-stop shop where users can conveniently complete all of their tasks in one site while paying the least fees possible. BlitzSale will be the first project launched under the Blitz Labs brand.

$BLITZ is the primary token utilized by the products and services of Blitz Labs. In order to grow the value of the token with price action, scarcity and underlying value; Blitz will be a fixed supply token that is deflationary by nature due to the features presented below: Buy Tax: 0.3% / Sell Tax: 0.3% Services fees are paid in $BLITZ Dividends paid out from profit streams coming from Blitz Labs services & products Buybacks result in a higher price floor and a larger LP $BLITZ will also facilitate Blitz Labs governance and allow holders to contribute to the network's evolution.