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BitSport is a blockchain driven, competitive gaming ecosystem reinventing the Gaming, eSport, & NFT space by creating mass market adoption via Incentivisation & onboarding of traditional gamers playing their favorite games to the metaverse.

The BitSport DApp rolled out initially in 2018 with a growing gaming audience of more than 20,000 gamers who compete against each other and get incentivized via BitSport Lives, pVp challenges and eSport tournaments.

The rise in popularity of eSports has allowed some players to reach new celebrity statuses and reaping in rewards in the millions. This elite tier of gamers is ultimately reserved for people with access to the proper channels needed to succeed and thrive in the space. These means often are reserved for people living in wealthy developed nations. We see a strong underrepresentation of players from developing nations in these competitive levels.

BitSport & BitPlay is here to level the playing field and bring new value to not just gamers in highly developed nations, but anywhere there is access to the internet and device to play with.

These added-value streams could be substantial sources of revenue for gamers without ever having to leave their house. Top Top-tiers,, could achieve celebrity statuses as they build up their following one close win after another in a cutthroat competitive atmosphere.

The eSport industry forecasts show a very promising future and we see immense amounts of new value entering the space. BitSport & BitPlay is here to not only capture some of that value but divert it back to the gamers.