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10,000,000,000 BIRD

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About Bird Finance

Bird Finance is a DeFi platform focusing on smart pool and lending by its governance token BIRD. Bird Finance seeks the best the reward mining pool by strategy and automatically compounds it for maximal profit.

Hyper-deflation Mechanism 50% of the total Bird will be sent to the blackhole address upon launch. The smart contract will charge 6% Bird from each transaction. 2% of the charge will be added to the BIRD liquidity pool on DEX, 2% will be transferred to DAO governance pool, and the rest will be distributed to all bird holders proportionally. Since blackhole address has the largest allocation of BIRD, most of the transaction cost will be burned to the blackhole. Therefore, Bird enables the deflation of Token.

Cross-chain Smart Pool Bird Finance will continue to integrate with Solana, HECO, OKExChain, and Ethereum. Meanwhile, the smart pool will automatically seek high-quality pools cross the chains, thus providing users with cross-chain portfolio that enables higher profits.

Basic Token Multi-Mining 1. Stake the principal to conduct auto-compounding mining, and gain the Btoken 2. Stake Btoken to enter the liquidity pool,earn BIRD 3. Stake Btoken to draw a NFT card 4. Stake Btoken to earn BIRD

Community Governance 1. Community vote to decide the mining pools to integrate 2. Community vote to decide the future development of Bird Finance, as well as all big events 3. 2% Circulation tax charged in BIRD are reserved for community governance