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Bichip Coin is a new stable coin, backed by BICHIP LTD, a high tech Human Microchip Implant company based in Denmark (bichip.com). Among other things, Bichip products allow you to store your virtual cash under your skin by getting our chip installed in your hand. Bichip stable coin is built on ERC 20 standard on ETH blockchain and is fully collateralized by USD held in bank accounts and properties of the mother company and is subject to regular public reporting of reserves. Bichip coin (BCHI) is a cryptographic ERC-20 compliant smart token residing on the decentralized and distributed public Ethereum blockchain (ETHM). There is no mining involved as the issued smart tokens are capped at 600 million units with fractional division of BCHI permitted. The workhorse behind the ledger encryption is the Proof of work algorithm, but the Ethereum platform will be soon yielding to proof of stake which is less prone to BLC dominance by different power groups, far less electricity-hungry and HW demanding. BCHI creators do not seek funding as the BCHI smart token is already here.