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Self-reported circulating supply
259,314,280 BRB
Total supply
283,218,636 BRB
Max. supply
283,218,636 BRB

Please note that BRB has migrated to new contract address. Visit new page.

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About Berylbit Layer-3 Network (old)

Berylbit is a layer 3 blockchain that is built on top of the Ethereum network and the Arbitrum layer 2 network, providing several technological benefits that are crucial for blockchain development.

One of the key benefits of Berylbit is its use of zk rollups to leverage the scalability of the Arbitrum layer 2 network. This allows Berylbit to process transactions faster and more efficiently while maintaining a high level of security. By bundling multiple transactions into a single proof, Berylbit can reduce overall gas costs and increase the network's capacity for handling high volumes of transactions.

Another important benefit of Berylbit is its use of zk rollups to provide strong privacy guarantees for all transactions on the network. This ensures that all transaction data is encrypted and only accessible by the involved parties, making Berylbit suitable for applications that require a high level of privacy, such as financial transactions or personal data management.

Berylbit also supports smart contracts in multiple programming languages, which makes it highly customizable and flexible. Developers can create smart contracts in the programming language they are most comfortable with, without being limited by the language supported by the blockchain. This feature allows Berylbit to be more accessible to developers and to support a wider range of applications and use cases.

In addition, Berylbit's architecture allows for interoperability with other blockchains and DeFi protocols. This enables users to access DeFi services and interact with other blockchains, making Berylbit a more versatile and connected blockchain technology.

Overall, Berylbit's use of zk rollups and its architecture on top of the Ethereum network and Arbitrum layer 2 network offer several technological benefits that are critical for blockchain development. Its scalability, privacy, flexibility, and interoperability make it an excellent choice for developers and businesses looking to build innovative blockchain solutions. Whether you want to create a DeFi application, a gaming platform, or anything else, Berylbit can help you build a scalable, secure, and flexible solution.