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Self-reported circulating supply
293,158,704 BAO
Total supply
560,270,974,250 BAO
Max. supply
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What is a Synthetic token or Synth?

A synth/synthetic is just a token with a value linked to a price feed or other data source.

Bao's synthetics are always transparent & fully backed with the best possible decentralized collaterals, like ETH, and protected by proven safety measures like loan liquidations and stability pools. They can be borrowed or swapped instantly with no middlemen and put to use in DeFi, or simply held in your wallet.

The price of our synthetics is enforced with a fixed price in our borrow vaults, liquidity balancers, and variable interest rates. Once it is live, synths will also be swappable for collateral with The Minter, further enforcing a solid price peg.

Bao Finance

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