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Please note that BLN has migrated to new contract address.
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Self-reported circulating supply
200,000,000 BLN
Total supply
200,000,000 BLN
Max. supply
200,000,000 BLN
Self-Reported Tags
Centralized Exchange (CEX) TokenDeFiWalletShow all

Please note that BLN has migrated to new contract address.

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About Balance Network

Balance Network is a blockchain platform that provides users with a comprehensive suite of applications in one place. The platform is built on the BNB Chain and offers a centralized exchange, a DEX, an NFT marketplace, a launchpad, and multi-chain wallet. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and offers a seamless experience for users.

Balance Network (BLN) is an ERC-20 token running on the Bscscan blockchain. The BLN token is a utility token used on the Balance Network platform. The token has a variety of use cases, including:

Centralized Exchange: BLN tokens are used for commission payments and trading fee discounts on the centralized exchange.

DeFi Protocols: BLN tokens are used for yield farming and liquidity provision on the Balance Network DEX.

Launchpad: BLN tokens are used for determining which tier user is in and let users have more allocation according to their tiers, which increases with the amount of BLN tokens user holds.

NFT Marketplace: BLN tokens are used for NFT Staking and loyalty points on the NFT marketplace.