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Self-reported circulating supply
939,000,000,000 BABYDRIP
Total supply
939,000,000,000 BABYDRIP
Max. supply
1,000,000,000,000 BABYDRIP
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BABYDRIP is an auto-reward and auto-farming token. Earn DRIP rewards from every single buy, sell and transfer just by holding BABYDRIP in your own wallet.

BABYDRIP has a buy and sell tax. These taxes are used to reward holders in the form of DRIP tokens. The beauty behind BABYDRIP is that you will not need to lock your investment in order to gain DRIP, and you may completely pull out of your investment at any time.

Every exchange-swap buy is taxed 10%. Every exchange-swap sale is taxed 15% to fund the DRIP rewards pool. 1% of the tax is allocated to adding additional liquidity to Pancakeswap, 2% of the tax is allocated towards the marketing fund, and 7% of the tax is allocated to fund the DRIP rewards pool. Sells are taxed an additional 5% to fund the DRIP rewards pool. To help mitigate monopoly ownership of the supply, no one wallet can hold more than 1% of the supply.

BABYDRIP distributes rewards to shareholders through a separate dividend distribution contract. A Shareholder is defined as any wallet holding BABYDRIP. The amount of shares any one wallet has is calculated as 1:1 with the amount of BABYDRIP tokens held by that wallet. Therefore, 1 BABYDRIP Token is equivalent to 1 share.

Each share is allotted the same percentage of the dividend pool. In traditional stock markets, a dividend is a distribution of profits by a corporation to its shareholders. BABYDRIP uses this nomenclature in the same fashion for rewarding holders with DRIP. A total dividend’s value is calculated by using a running total of dividends per share.

The dividends pool increases when a deposit is made into the dividend distributor. Deposits are made into the dividend distributor through a swap back.

A swap back is triggered when a transfer is made and the balance of the contract is above the swap threshold. The contract is funded to meet the swap threshold by taking fees on transfers. These fees are listed as the taxes in the Tokenomics section.

When a deposit is made, the amount of reward tokens (DRIP) held inside the dividend distributor are multiplied by a dividends-per-share accuracy factor and divided by the total shares. Total shares are calculated as the total amount of tokens owned by unique wallets through transfers inside the BABYDRIP contract.

BABYDRIP holders enter a queue to receive rewards. Every half hour, the contract will distribute rewards to as many holders as gas allows. BABYDRIP's token distribution allocation for gas is 500000 wei.

The dividend distributor iterates through every token holder. As it iterates through each holder, that holder will receive their allotted dividends as described in the previous section. The distributor will continue to send rewards until it can no longer afford the gas fee to do so. Once this happens, the distributor will store its current position in the queue. The next time the distributor starts, it will begin from the last stored position in the queue. You can also think of the queue as a lineup. Every holder of BABYDRIP gets in line and takes their turn to receive dividends. After the last person in line receives dividends, the whole distribution process starts again from the beginning of the line.