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BabyAeth serves as the rewards token for Aetherius along with having its own Play 2 Earn arcade game focused on bringing back childhood memories.Aetherian Robert (NEVER DM FIRST): As many of you know, it is not a secret that babies like to have fun and play. That's why our vision is that you can bring out the baby inside you using the baby Aetherius gaming platform. In the not too distant future BAETH 2.0 community will be able to use our virtual Casinos , play2earn and Arcade games .

In order to be able to acquire a mining rig, buyer's will need to purchase Aetherius. The mission of Baby Aeth is to accommodate the Aeth community as an intermediary by giving reflections in both Aetherius and BNB. Generations are changing and brave babies have decided to support their parents.